Our Wedding Date: September 10, 2016

Our Engagement

  • How Eddie Proposed


    During the summer of 2015, Eddie and I really wanted to get away, just the two of us. We decided we wanted to lay on the beach, as its our favourite part of any vacation! We decided to go to the Bahamas. 

    It was the 3rd night of our trip when Eddie told me that we he had a special night planned for us. He walked me to the beach of our resort and there was a private table set up. We were having a romantic dinner on the beach. We wined and dined with lobster and steak. Suddenly a couple walks by, and the man makes a joke to me, saying 'you should marry him', Eddie then took that as his que, got down on one knee and pulled out a box with a ring and said 'will you marry me?" I was speechless, I first grabbed the ring, said 'Oh my god, yes yes of course" Hugged and kissed him, then cried.  It was perfect, a dream come true. 

    It was the best night of our lives by far. 

    Added by Stephanie on Tue, Jun 7th 2016